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Thursday, October 17 2013


Reflecting on the theme of which is the lingerie should start by determining what in fact it was created and what are its main types . lingerie is also performed with different types of materials, each with its properties and other characteristics of women's underwear. Such underwear can be worn in various ways , its use is also adapted to a particular season.

In general , lingerie is worn at all other types of clothing, is assumed to bare flesh . First of all , it fulfills the role of hygiene , maintains shape our figure and hide her most intimate places . During periods of low temperatures , lingerie for a greater length is assumed , in order to ensure optimal comfort and warmth .

This type of underwear may in some situations be used for developing the erotic effect . On the other hand , lingerie depends on the religion, culture and customs of the society. Also, do not forget that we distinguish between these types of lingerie that can be dressed as outerwear . The specific type of material used makes the lingerie can be successfully used as a bathing suit or clothes to sleep .


lingerie meets many of our needs and is worn due to the large number of different reasons. The main function of underwear appears to be a total hygienic function , ie preventing contamination outerwear for all and every substances excreted by the human body. lingerie , as such , is to also maintain profiles in the optimal position - such as corsets - but another type of lingerie protects bust - as in the case of bras .

What's more, in the cold regions of the globe lingerie can act as additional protection against the cold . In other situations , like when often we spend our free time actively running , lingerie is designed to facilitate us to move quickly , running and other physical exercises .

Of course , lingerie functions vary depending on what part of the world is the person bearing it . Thus, the regions famous for greater conservation of lingerie will be used for purposes other than people from more liberal areas of the world . So how do you figure out lingerie and her features are very extensive. Often depend on the climate , culture and sociological factors . Mostly, however, lingerie is a solution to help us in the right way to take care of hygiene and health of our body.

Thursday, August 8 2013

Konrad lingerie

I always deserve the best, so you should resort to all sorts of things that make us feel special. For some, these are the dozens of pairs of shoes, for others, dozens of blouses or dresses. However, perhaps the most feminine mania in this respect is the desire to have the best quality lingerie. konrad lingerie is something that should be included in bieliźniarce women, which depends on exceptionally good quality underwear. konrad lingerie is known bieliźnianym market for several years and continuing popularity. Besides, you only need to view the catalogs of underwear to find out why this is happening. First of all, attention is drawn to design. Everything is thought out in every detail, there is no room for chance or trash. Each piece is polished down to the smallest detail. First of all, you can see the attention to it that it was beyond any doubt underwear special, reserved for women who are able to appreciate it. konrad lingerie is made of good quality material, it can be seen in the pictures directory and it felt even better when the clothes are touching, the underwear is also a lot different to wear, else it is felt on the skin. And no matter what you have on top of it, and so we feel great and confident.


 Some underwear looks like it was designed for it to enjoy the eyes of others, and yet we do not wear it to show on the outside. These small pieces of women's clothing are increasingly being carried out in a way that delights. Not only intimate lingerie konrad suitable for this to subdue his partner in the bedroom, even a simple konrad lingerie has the power due to its decoration and it underlines how the female body. Bras perfectly gather bust and give it a beautiful line. Most bra push up a brace to further increase and visually enlarge the breasts. More importantly, however, it's just beautiful lingerie, beautifully and artfully decorated. Suitable for any type of clothing, especially well will support us in elegant creations at important ceremonies. Only a woman knows how important it is to know that everything is in place, and that underwear does not slide anywhere without wrinkles or not anything too revealing. konrad lingerie always going well on the body, of course, if it is the right size, it is surprising how many women are not able to select the size of the bra or even string.

Thursday, May 9 2013


There are different types of female figures. Each of them has different strengths and different weaknesses. Various methods are also the dressing women of different shapes of the body. Mature women should choose swimwear for large models, so that they will be pretty much thicken. The best will be two-piece bikini that you can immediately buy a set with kerchiefs beach essentials or beach footwear. The beautiful woman every bikini is beautifully presented, and problems arise only when the woman is suffering from overweight or too skinny. In such circumstances, the choice of costume is never too simple. Very thin women may choose instead bikini piece of outdoor clothing belly. With such fasonowi will seem thicker than it actually is. However, overweight women can buy a swimsuit that shapes the body. These types of costumes are available especially in the branded stores, large and well-known manufacturers. They are very expensive, but it is an expense that should be borne. Designer swimwear is the best quality and the best materials from which the dress was sewn. Good quality swimwear can cost hundreds of dollars, but you will be able to use it for the next few seasons.


Preparations for the holiday season should be started to buy a bathing suit. Although in shops you can meet with a really large choice of all kinds of swimwear is making the decision to purchase all is not as easy as it may seem to us. It turns out that bikini must be tailored not only fashionable, but also must be matched to the shape of a woman's figure. If we want this to bikini was actually well-suited to head to the retail outlets of lingerie and beach fashion, where you can count on expert advice and assistance in the selection of this, and no other type of costume. In addition to the selection of the bikini, you can also ask for a selection of accessories to clothing, such as scarves, beachwear, shoes, hats and beach bags. All this will be together created a unique whole. Though swimsuit tone only a very small piece of cloth is the price we often can be intimidating. Designer swimwear cost up to two hundred U.S. Dollars. In exchange for a very high price clothing can get the highest quality of its performance and very long life. These features make the dress will serve us for many years, and if you choose an already versatile model will always be able to take it with you to the beach.

Tuesday, April 9 2013

Konrad lingerie

Many people, especially men think that women need to be happy only beautiful dresses, expensive shirts and other clothing items. That's not true. For all women in the first place, it is important which is underneath. This lingerie is closest to the body and she has to be perfect. Comfortable yet beautiful and sophisticated. konrad lingerie is comfortable and sexy at the same time, it is because it is so eager to buy these models, women who like luxurious underwear. Both briefs, T-shirts and bras are primarily here perfectly tailored to women's needs. konrad lingerie perfectly with feminine curved shapes, does not slide, it is always in place, this is due to excellent projects and knowledge of the women's movement of the body. Nothing irritates us, and sliding down the straps and shirring figs, which are so characteristic of inferior quality linen, which the market is simply flooded. Konrad lingerie does not make us such unpleasant surprises. Here, everything is always in perfect harmony with the body. Buying lingerie model selected, we know that it is not visible from the creations that you will not disclose out of it with little aesthetic bulge. This underwear is always so good to have in your chest of drawers.


 All women love lingerie, but many women are still unable to properly choose. What underwear is really good and what should we look for? There are a few simple rules. First of all, buying lingerie on the internet to keep in mind that each manufacturer has slightly different numbering, the point is, it's not always 70 C in each producer will mean the same thing, there will always be just perfect for us to lie. konrad lingerie purchased online store is definitely a good bed but should check the exact sizes. Underwear should not be too loose or too especially surrounded with counterforts, cuts into the body will create for its lack of aesthetic folds, and it is not our goal. Excessively loose will turn itself into a narrow crease as well as creations will look ugly. Good konrad lingerie is lingerie that under your clothes is absolutely invisible. Underwear can be seen only when present in the partner with the obvious intent. konrad lingerie, incidentally, to do so thanks to ornaments, perfect. In any other situation, underwear should not be visible under any circumstances. Lingerie is simply serve their purpose emphasizing the bust or making certain things are hidden.

Wednesday, March 27 2013

Kinga lingerie

It is very important to always buy things of good quality that do not zdefasonują after the first use, do not discolor after the first wash. Because it is not worth spending money on something that does not meet our expectations. Good quality will benefit us more, except that just do not deserve it? Should not we have this bit of luxury? This applies mainly to things like Kinga lingerie. Good lingerie will make will be totally different feel. This way to wear underwear is comfortable, nowhere we can not or do not raise slides. Kinga lingerie is designed for the needs of women in the sophisticated, high-quality linen on the occasion nicely decorated. Deserve to be praised above all the brand bras. Well every woman knows the benefits of push-up cups that very effectively increase the bust up, so that in any situation, whatever we were wearing, it will look good. Kinga lingerie on the biustonoszów push up is always one step ahead of others. The push up is a real masterpiece. Perfectly collects bust, nicely it at the modeling which in no way affects neither the convenience nor the freedom of movement. So we have to wear comfortable but elegant underwear. Beautiful always are also T-shirts, colored bras and ripped from figs. Shirts are cuts that nicely highlight feminine curves.


In general amnesia leaves a cult of thinness so that we can more and more and it's very interesting things to buy from the collection of well-known brands, which to date have favored individuals up to 38 size. Currently, most of the stuff is available in size 40 and even higher. Kinga lingerie is so accessible, regardless of how much we have in the circuit under the bust and the abundance we have the same bust. There is no difference between what is being offered for a very lean, as well as those with more solid construction. Kinga lingerie is known primarily from the push up bras. Here you can really see that this type of bras are not intended only for people with very small breasts. Large breasts look better when it is well maintained by the appropriate cup size bra. This avoids a situation where the bust too clearly falls downwards. But it's not just underwear bras but also briefs, thongs and T-shirts, especially the latter are worthy of attention. Kinga lingerie is beyond doubt worth the money. Besides incurring the cost, we are at least aware of what they actually pay for that we pay for something that is really good quality.

Saturday, October 13 2012

Erotic lingerie

Conviction for wearing erotic lingerie can be a choice you will never regret. Many people remain in the partnership, or non-permanent partner with any doubts that lingerie is just what we should try. It turns out, however, that this type of lingerie - even though it is a very intimate and often designed only for two pairs of eyes - maybe in a prominent way to spice up perception of relationship, your body and senses.
Lingerie is often a way to spend unforgettable evening, improve your mood and your partner. Own well-being as it is gaining a lot of thanks to the lingerie realizes his own worth and the fact that we please ourselves to ourselves and our body can be really sexy.
The obvious choice is erotic lingerie, for example, the period of the wedding, the wedding and honeymoon, when the raging hormones and amplifying them in a particular time can be further strengthened assuming erotic lingerie.
Selection of erotic lingerie can always be some kind of problem. The stores specialize in this type of product, there are many types of kits and individual components for many types of applications. In this article, we will discuss one kind of erotic lingerie, which has long been popular among enthusiasts of this type of clothing.
It is, of course, erotic lingerie made of leather. Apart from the fact that this type of clothing have already been appreciated in times of Stone Age, lingerie made from the skin has specific and unique character emphasizing the appropriate values ​​of the human body. Leather erotic lingerie can be tight (this is the most common), or loose and equipped with a variety of additives, such as sequins, straps, patches. For sure it will be a useful message that today this type of leather erotic lingerie is available in many sizes, colors and designs.
Lingerie should primarily stimulate the senses of two partners. If you combine this with the use of leather material for a long time to think przywodzącego specific and strong feelings, you get an explosive mixture worth recommending to anyone.